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3 ways to Reduce a Negative Impact on the Environment

Climate change, you hear it all the time and how it's negatively impacting our environment. So what can we do to reduce our negative impact on the environment? It can feel overwhelming trying to completely switch to a more sustainable lifestyle but it can also be costly. So we've put together three simple and cost effective way to do your part to lessen the negative impact on the environment. Those three things include, reducing electricity, bettering your diet and decreasing transportation. 


1. Reduce Electricity Use 

How much electricity you use if one the largest contributions to the environment impact. You can reduce your electricity use in the following ways: 

- Turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances not in use. Yes, this not only cuts down on your electricity bill, but it also helps reduce the amount of electricity our power grid needs to produce. 

- Join a Green Power Program. Though this one may cost you a small surcharge, its totally worth it in the long run. Green Power Programs allows for your house or apartment to participate in the use renewable energy sources. All electricity, regardless how it is produced comes from the same power grid, so you won't be only getting renewable energy, but rather you are paying for renewable energy to be implement into our power grids. Think of it as a stock investment.  You can find Green Power Programs at Department of Energy.  


 2. Diet 

Like many of us, we eat what we are accustom to or what we can afford. But most of us don't think of our diet beyond how much weight we wanna lose or gain or if we wanna reduce a health condition. So some options to consider not only for your health, but for the environments health are the following: 

-Go Vegan or Vegetarian: Choosing one of these diets allows to consume no animal products and therefore there would be no need for cruel animals farms. A less or no meat diet allows for animals to live there normal lives and allow them to naturally contribute to the environment, the way they are meant to be. Not only would we save our planet and animals but we would be lowering Co2 emission because there would be no animal factories needed. 

3. Decreasing Transportation 

Not using a car entirely is not a option for most, unless you can use public transportation. But there a ways to reduce your overall transportation. 

-Get a hybrid car

- Reduce your driving

-Fly instead of drive for long distance 

-Carpool or use public transportation  


Whether you choose to do all three or just one of these know you are helping our environment in a positive way. We encourage you to email us with new ways to help our environment in any positive way.   

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