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3 ways to Reduce a Negative Impact on the Environment

Climate change, you hear it all the time and how it's negatively impacting our environment. So what can we do to reduce our negative impact on the environment? It can feel overwhelming trying to completely switch to a more sustainable lifestyle but it can also be costly. So we've put together three simple and cost effective way to do your part to lessen the negative impact on the environment. Those three things include, reducing electricity, bettering your diet and decreasing transportation.    1. Reduce Electricity Use  How much electricity you use if one the largest contributions to the environment impact. You can reduce your electricity use in the following ways:  - Turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances not in...

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How can we save our planet?

We can make simple everyday changes just by being mindful of our lifestyle choices. Here are some simple ways to going green: 1.) The three R's : Reduce, reuse, recycle. Simply cut down on what you throw away in your garbage can. Yes, emphasis on garbage can. You can create a compost that you can throw away food remains (egg shells, bananas, orange peels etc.) that will turn into natural fertilizer that you can use to plant a tree or two (hint hint). Next, try to reuse household and clothing items and pretty much anything you can think of. This will reduce the amount of landfill we produce. Also, be mindful of what you throw away versus what needs to...

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